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Wednesday Sep 20, 2017

Gastroprotectants are commonly prescribed in patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy with glucocorticoids. Presently, there is limited evidence to support such use of gastroprotectants. The objective of this study was to establish if the prophylactic use of gastroprotectants was associated with a reduced incidence of gastrointestinal signs in dogs receiving immunosuppressive doses of glucocorticoids, compared to not receiving prophylactic gastroprotectants. Read more and listen to the Q&As here. Veterinary Evidence TodayEdinburgh, 1-3 November 2016

Wednesday Sep 20, 2017

Q&A from Adam's talk at the Veterinary Evidence Today conference, Edinburgh November 1st, 2016. Read more and listen to Adam's talk here.

Monday Sep 18, 2017

In this Audio Summary Erik shares the evidence around whether the use of lidocaine in dogs and cats reduces post-operative tracheitis. Read the full Knowledge Summary here. Audio Summaries are a free resource that enables vets and vet nurses to access and digest relevant and up-to-date evidence quicker and easier! A time-saving way to make better and faster evidence-based decisions.

Monday Sep 04, 2017

Q&A from David's talk at the Veterinary Evidence Today conference, Edinburgh November 2nd, 2016. Read more here.

Monday Sep 04, 2017

Therapy and prognosis are entailed by the diagnosis: the holistic success of the EBVM approach therefore firmly and critically rests on diagnostic accuracy. Unfortunately, medical professionals do not appear to be very accurate with diagnoses. In human medicine, there is 30-50% discordance reported between doctors’ ante- (presumptive) and post-mortem (definitive) diagnoses, with no significant change in the last 100 years (Goldberg et al 2002). Veterinary surgeons do not perform much better, although it is a chronically under-researched area. This talk looks at how vets and vet nurses can maximise their impact on clinical performance. Read more here.  DM - Diagnostic Accuracy: The Wellspring of EBVM Success, and How We Can Improve It   Veterinary Evidence TodayEdinburgh, 1-3 November 2016

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