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Wednesday Apr 29, 2020

What can we learn from the NHS's approach to patient safety over the past 20 years? Suzette Woodward, a paediatric intensive care nurse who is now a Professor in patient safety, discusses the latest safety concepts and science that are sweeping the NHS - as well as what we could do differently. Download the full transcript from the RCVS Knowledge website. This session was recorded at SPVS VMG Congress, Newport in January 2020, as part of the quality improvement stream. CPD: 40 mins

Friday Apr 24, 2020

Shobhan Thakore, Clinical Lead for the Scottish Quality and Safety Fellowship Programme, gives an approachable and personal perspective on how to get your team on board to deliver quality improvement. Shobhan discusses recent NHS initiatives to help manage expectations, engage and work with the team to respond to change, and deal with fear of blame.  Download the full transcript from the RCVS Knowledge website. This presentation was an Adapt, Improve, Achieve session by RCVS Knowledge recorded at SPVS-VMG Congress 2020 in Newport as part of the Quality Improvement stream. CPD: 40 mins  

Friday Apr 17, 2020

Pam Mosedale, Chair of RCVS Knowledge Quality Improvement Advisory Board, shares valuable lessons about how checklists have reduced errors in human healthcare and other industries, and how checklists can be applied successfully in a veterinary setting. This presentation was recorded at Ashbrook Equine Hospital during the RCVS Knowledge Equine Roadshow, kindly sponsored by the Horserace Betting Levy Board and accredited by the British Equine Veterinary Association. Download the full transcript and accompanying presentation from the RCVS Knowledge website. CPD: 38 mins

Wednesday Apr 08, 2020

In this Audio Summary, Hannah discuses the evidence around whether bisphosphonates are a more effective treatment than intra-articular steroids in horses with OA. Read the full Knowledge Summary here. Audio Summaries are a free resource that enables vets and vet nurses to access and digest relevant and up-to-date evidence quicker and easier! A time-saving way to make better and faster evidence-based decisions.   Access the transcript here. 

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