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Thursday Jul 08, 2021

Most veterinary surgeons and nurses working with small animals will have experience in treating canine cruciate ligament ruptures. However, there is not a strong evidence base to know which surgical techniques have the best outcome.  The new Canine Cruciate Registry (CCR) is RCVS Knowledge’s answer to this knowledge gap in veterinary care. In this podcast, hear Mark Morton, Canine Cruciate Registry Clinical Lead, talk to Pam Mosedale about the registry, why it's important, and why we need as many vets as possible to get involved.  Find out more on our website: caninecruciateregistry.org Read the transcript.  

Monday Jul 05, 2021

Evidence suggests that incivility can increase errors and have a knock-on domino effect that impacts the whole team.   In this podcast, Professional Standards Director at Vets Now Laura Playforth discusses how incivility can impact patient care and outcomes.   Access the transcript here.

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