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Thursday Dec 16, 2021

In our podcast series 'Research Focus', Sally Everitt, our inFOCUS Clinical Lead, will be chatting all about veterinary clinical research with a range of excellent guests.   In this episode, Fergus Allerton talked to Sally about the SAMSoc 'STOP on Sunday (SOS) Urinary Tract Infection Trial', which is recruiting first opinion practice vets. Find out more about the study. Access our In the Spotlight feature on Practice-based research.  Access our AMR Hub, for freely accessible, evidence-based knowledge and resources about responsible antimicrobial use. Reference: Allerton, F., Pouwels, K.B., Bazelle, J., Caddy, S., Cauvin, A., De Risio, L., Swann, J., Warland, J. and Kent, A., 2021. Prospective trial of different antimicrobial treatment durations for presumptive canine urinary tract infections. BMC veterinary research, 17(1), pp.112. doi.org/10.1186/s12917-021-02974-y       

Monday Dec 13, 2021

Kit Sturgess, the Editor-in-Chief of Veterinary Evidence, chatted to Alexandra Bartlett, Erina Leask, and Eleanor Best - the 2021 Veterinary Evidence Student Award first, second, and third place winners.  They chatted about their motivation to enter the competition, how they found the process, what they learnt from the experience, and why other students should apply for next year's competition.  The 2022 Veterinary Evidence Student Awards are open until 14th January 2022. Apply now.   Read the transcript.  

Monday Sep 27, 2021

Thanks for listening to this episode of Knowledge Natter - our new series featuring friendly and informal discussions with Knowledge Champions, and those who are empowered by Quality Improvement (QI)  in their work.    Today's episode features Samantha Fontaine, who became a Knowledge Champion for implementing a new course that teaches QI to veterinary nurses, including those in practice and education, at the University of Glasgow.  Our RVN QI Clinical Lead Lou Northway, chatted to Sam and three of her students, Sarah, Molly, and Megan, about the course, taking the leap to implementing QI and their future QI plans.   Read Samantha's award-winning case example 'Teaching QI to veterinary nurses'.    Read the transcript.

Monday Sep 13, 2021

Care bundles are a group of evidence-based practices that relate to a disease or a set of symptoms, that result in better outcomes when executed altogether than if implemented individually. In this podcast, Helen Ballantyne, who is a dual-qualified medical and veterinary nurse, draws upon her experience in human nursing to explain to Pam Mosedale why veterinary teams should be implementing care bundles to save time, promote teamwork, and improve patient outcomes.    Read the transcript here.    Access all the content from the first series of the QI Boxset here. 

Thursday Jul 08, 2021

Most veterinary surgeons and nurses working with small animals will have experience in treating canine cruciate ligament ruptures. However, there is not a strong evidence base to know which surgical techniques have the best outcome.  The new Canine Cruciate Registry (CCR) is RCVS Knowledge’s answer to this knowledge gap in veterinary care. In this podcast, hear Mark Morton, Canine Cruciate Registry Clinical Lead, talk to Pam Mosedale about the registry, why it's important, and why we need as many vets as possible to get involved.  Find out more on our website: caninecruciateregistry.org Read the transcript.  

Monday Jul 05, 2021

Evidence suggests that incivility can increase errors and have a knock-on domino effect that impacts the whole team.   In this podcast, Professional Standards Director at Vets Now Laura Playforth discusses how incivility can impact patient care and outcomes.   Access the transcript here.

Monday Jun 28, 2021

In this Audio Summary Veterinary Evidence author Amy Leather shares the finding of her and co-author Sarah Smith’s study, examining whether inhaled immunotherapy is more effective than environmental management when treating equine asthma. Read the full Knowledge Summary here. Audio Summaries are a free resource that enable vets and vet nurses to more quickly and more easily access and digest relevant and up-to-date evidence! A time-saving way to make better and faster evidence-based decisions.   Access the transcript here.

Thursday Jun 24, 2021

The most joyful, productive, engaged staff feel both physically and psychologically safe, appreciate the meaning and purpose of their work, have some choice and control over their time, experience camaraderie with others at work, and perceive their work-life to be fair and equitable. In this podcast, in a first for the veterinary profession in the UK, we will hear from Jesse McCall, who co-leads the Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, as he discusses the factors that diminish joy in work, and practical steps that teams can take to work together to nurture their workforce and address the issues that drive burnout and sap joy in work.   Recorded at SPVS-VMG Virtual Congress in May 2021.   Access the transcript here.

Monday Jun 07, 2021

In this Audio Summary Veterinary Evidence author Lesca Monica Sofyan reviews the evidence as to whether meloxicam is superior to carprofen for reducing patient discomfort in dogs diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Read the full Knowledge Summary here. Audio Summaries are a free resource that enable vets and vet nurses to more quickly and more easily access and digest relevant and up-to-date evidence! A time-saving way to make better and faster evidence-based decisions.   Access the transcript here. 

Monday Apr 19, 2021

In this episode of the QI Boxset series, Melissa Donald, Chair of RCVS Standards Committee and RCVS Junior Vice-President, explains why Clinical Governance is a Code of Conduct requirement for vets and nurses, in a chat with Pam Mosedale.   The new QI Boxset series aims to provide practices and practitioners with guidance on establishing a quality improvement structure in practice. The entire series will be made available on our new e-learning platform this Spring. Read the press release.    Read the transcript.   

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