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For the Record - Vet students Sanaa Cockar, Isobel Corp, Stephanie-Rae Flicker & Nicole Regan

January 28, 2021

In the second episode of ‘For the Record’, we hear from four veterinary medicine students who responded to our call via the British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society for black, Asian and minority ethnic students to share their experiences of veterinary education and the profession so far.


This episode features:

  • Sanaa Cockar from the University of Cambridge
  • Isobel Corp from the University of Bristol
  • Stephanie-Rae Flicker from the Royal Veterinary College
  • Nicole Regan from the University of Liverpool 


'For The Record' is a new series featuring conversations between current and former members of the veterinary professions, highlighting voices and experiences usually absent from our official archive.


The transcript can be read here. 


If you would like to get involved in future episodes, please contact the RCVS Knowledge archives team by email at archives@rcvsknowledge.org


Music is 'Jindupe' by Lauren Duski.

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