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Wednesday Apr 13, 2022

VetTeamAMR Project Manager, Lucy Coyne. speaks with Dr Henrietta Kodilinye-Sims about Farm Vet Champions and the responsible use of antimicrobials in poultry medicine. Read the transcript Learn more about VetTeamAMR

Wednesday Mar 23, 2022

In this episode, Pam Mosedale chats to Ross Allan about his experience of using the Canine Cruciate Registry. Read the transcript. Access the Canine Cruciate Registry.

Thursday Dec 16, 2021

In our podcast series 'Research Focus', Sally Everitt, our inFOCUS Clinical Lead, will be chatting all about veterinary clinical research with a range of excellent guests.   In this episode, Fergus Allerton talked to Sally about the SAMSoc 'STOP on Sunday (SOS) Urinary Tract Infection Trial', which is recruiting first opinion practice vets. Find out more about the study. Access our In the Spotlight feature on Practice-based research.  Access our AMR Hub, for freely accessible, evidence-based knowledge and resources about responsible antimicrobial use. Reference: Allerton, F., Pouwels, K.B., Bazelle, J., Caddy, S., Cauvin, A., De Risio, L., Swann, J., Warland, J. and Kent, A., 2021. Prospective trial of different antimicrobial treatment durations for presumptive canine urinary tract infections. BMC veterinary research, 17(1), pp.112. doi.org/10.1186/s12917-021-02974-y       

Monday Dec 13, 2021

Kit Sturgess, the Editor-in-Chief of Veterinary Evidence, chatted to Alexandra Bartlett, Erina Leask, and Eleanor Best - the 2021 Veterinary Evidence Student Award first, second, and third place winners.  They chatted about their motivation to enter the competition, how they found the process, what they learnt from the experience, and why other students should apply for next year's competition.  The 2023 Veterinary Evidence Student Awards are open until 13th January 2023. Apply now.   Read the transcript.  

Wednesday Dec 01, 2021

Lou Northway, QI Clinical Lead at RCVS Knowledge chats to Elizabeth McLennan-Green, Hub Clinical Lead at CVS about her team's audit on the optimisation of the use of ear cytology in veterinary primary care. The team were awarded as Knowledge Champions in 2021 for their work. Read the award-winning case example here.  Read the transcript here.

Wednesday Nov 17, 2021

In our new podcast series 'Research Focus', Sally Everitt, our inFOCUS Clinical Lead, will be chatting all about veterinary clinical research with a range of excellent guests.   This week, Alex Davies, who works in a first opinion practice in South Wales and is BVA's Young Vet of the Year for his work with Vet Mentor, talked about his experiences and passion for practice-based research as a primary care vet.  Read the transcript.   Access our In the Spotlight resource on practice-based research.  Access Knowledge Summaries from our journal Veterinary Evidence.  

Thursday Oct 07, 2021

In the third episode of ‘For the Record’, we hear from four male registered veterinary nurses, working in the UK today. Together they discuss their route into veterinary nursing as a career, their experiences as men in a predominantly female profession, and their personal aspirations and goals.   This episode features: Chris Hann  Ryan Hunt Ryan Mariner Matthew Rendle 'For The Record' is a series featuring conversations between current and former members of the veterinary professions, highlighting voices and experiences usually absent from our official archive. This episode was recorded in June 2021.    The transcript can be read here.    If you would like to get involved in future episodes, please contact the RCVS Knowledge archives team by email at archives@rcvsknowledge.org   Music is 'Jindupe' by Lauren Duski.

Monday Sep 27, 2021

Thanks for listening to this episode of Knowledge Natter - our new series featuring friendly and informal discussions with Knowledge Champions, and those who are empowered by Quality Improvement (QI)  in their work.    Today's episode features Samantha Fontaine, who became a Knowledge Champion for implementing a new course that teaches QI to veterinary nurses, including those in practice and education, at the University of Glasgow.  Our RVN QI Clinical Lead Lou Northway, chatted to Sam and three of her students, Sarah, Molly, and Megan, about the course, taking the leap to implementing QI and their future QI plans.   Read Samantha's award-winning case example 'Teaching QI to veterinary nurses'.    Read the transcript.

Monday Sep 13, 2021

Care bundles are a group of evidence-based practices that relate to a disease or a set of symptoms, that result in better outcomes when executed altogether than if implemented individually. In this podcast, Helen Ballantyne, who is a dual-qualified medical and veterinary nurse, draws upon her experience in human nursing to explain to Pam Mosedale why veterinary teams should be implementing care bundles to save time, promote teamwork, and improve patient outcomes.    Read the transcript here.    Access all the content from the first series of the QI Boxset here. 

Thursday Jul 08, 2021

Most veterinary surgeons and nurses working with small animals will have experience in treating canine cruciate ligament ruptures. However, there is not a strong evidence base to know which surgical techniques have the best outcome.  The new Canine Cruciate Registry (CCR) is RCVS Knowledge’s answer to this knowledge gap in veterinary care. In this podcast, hear Mark Morton, Canine Cruciate Registry Clinical Lead, talk to Pam Mosedale about the registry, why it's important, and why we need as many vets as possible to get involved.  Find out more on our website: caninecruciateregistry.org Read the transcript.  

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