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Friday Nov 11, 2022

Amanda Boag, Chair of the RCVS Knowledge Board of Trustees in conversation with Professor Herman Barkema, our 2022 Plowright Prize winner. 
The biennial Plowright Prize recognises an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of infectious diseases in animals. 
Find out more including how to nominate someone for the Prize here: rcvsknowledge.org/plowright
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Wednesday Nov 09, 2022

Alison Pyatt, Training Centre Lead VMD, and Pam Mosedale, QI Clinical Lead RCVS Knowledge, introduce the Managing Veterinary Medicines: Staying Legal and Promoting Safety course.
The course is freely available to everyone in the veterinary profession and provides information on veterinary medicine regulations and the safe and responsible use of veterinary medicines. 
Access the course at rcvsknowledge.org/managing-veterinary-medicines/
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Tuesday Nov 01, 2022

Pam Mosedale speaks with Fergus Allerton about the upcoming Antibiotic Amnesty. Learn more about the amnesty and how you can get involved at rcvsknowledge.org/amnesty 
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Friday Oct 21, 2022

VetTeamAMR Project Manager Lucy Coyne speaks to Farm Vet Champion Lucy Coyne about Rose Willis about how she inspired her practice team and clients to engage with the Medicine Hub and how SMART goals can be used to motivate the team.
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Thursday Oct 20, 2022

In the fourth episode of ‘For the Record’, we hear from vets working as Official Veterinarians within the public health sector, some of whom trained in other European nations before moving to the UK.
This episode was recorded in two parts. The first part was recorded in December 2020, before the confirmation of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, and all three participants are employed by Eville & Jones. The second part was recorded in September 2022, 15 months after the Trade Agreement came into effect. All three of these participants work for Food Standards Scotland.
This episode features:
Juan Avila
Sara Basto
Andrei Ungureanu
Evangelos Katsoulis
Jose Rodrigues Robles
Arabella White
'For The Record' is a series featuring conversations between current and former members of the veterinary professions, highlighting voices and experiences usually absent from our official archive. 
You can read the transcript on our website.
If you would like to get involved in future episodes, please contact the RCVS Knowledge archives team by email at archives@rcvsknowledge.org
Music is 'Jindupe' by Lauren Duski.

Tuesday Oct 04, 2022

In this podcast, Pam Mosedale chats with Mel McPherson about how farm practices can get started with Quality Improvement (QI). 
This podcast was recorded for the QI Boxset- Series 1: Episode 2: Getting started with Quality Improvement.
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Monday Sep 12, 2022

This session was recorded during the SPVS VMG Congress on the 13th May 2022.
*Please note, there is a short pause in the presentation at 15:24 while the sound technician fixes some feedback and Mark Moreton's microphone level*
With more demanding priorities to deliver the best possible care whilst dealing with the consequences of COVID-19 and Brexit, it's no wonder that veterinary professionals are concerned with stress and burnout within the profession. Human healthcare has seen similar challenges and various teams around the world have been using the 'Joy in work' framework to battle burnout and stay fulfilled professionally. Angie and her team have been trialling this framework in veterinary settings, learning which steps help connect veterinary teams in meaning and purpose, with the aim of improving satisfaction and even feeling a buzz from their work. They have seen that it is not only possible, it can be a fundamental step to ensuring continued excellence in patient care and client experiences, even in these challenging times.
Download the 'What matters to you - Conversation guide for leaders'  
Download the transcript 
- Angela Rayner, BVM&S PgDipPSHCF MRCVS, Director of Quality Improvement for CVS Group and a small animal GP vet. She won an RCVS Knowledge QI Award for improvements made in controlled drugs auditing and is Co-clinical Lead for their Antibiotic Stewardship Audit.
- Mark Moreton, BVetMED MRCVS, Small Animal GP Vet and a Hub Clinical Lead for CVS.

Friday Sep 02, 2022

In this podcast, Lesley Moore RVN, Principle Nurse Manager at Vets Now Macclesfield speaks with Pam Mosedale about an audit that improved general anaesthetic monitoring in an emergency setting. 
The nursing team won a Knowledge Award for their work. 
Read their case example here.
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Wednesday Jul 27, 2022

Happy Birthday to the Canine Cruciate Registry!
One year since its launch, and since their last podcast together, Pam Mosedale and Mark Morton chat about the Registry's progress and the benefits of signing up.
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Access the Canine Cruciate Registry.

Thursday Jul 14, 2022

In our podcast series 'Research Focus', Sally Everitt, our inFOCUS Clinical Lead, will be chatting all about veterinary clinical research with a range of excellent guests.
In this episode, Dan O'Neill talked to Sally about new research on dog life expectancy and mortality, using VetCompass data, broken down by age, sex and breed. The research gives a novel insight into the varied life trajectory across dogs, while identifying potential impacts and applications on canine health and welfare, as well as owner and veterinary professionals' understanding. 
Read the paper.
Download the life tables infographic.
Read more VetCompass publications.
Read the podcast transcript.
Teng, K.T.Y., Brodbelt, D.C., Pegram, C., Church, D.B. and O’Neill, D.G., 2022. Life tables of annual life expectancy and mortality for companion dogs in the United Kingdom. Scientific reports, 12(1), pp.1-11. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-10341-6 

Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0

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